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    richardk Guest

    Default Security Alert from

    using the free ZA firewall v8.0.298.000 on a WinXP Pro SP2 system with all critical updates installed.

    every now and then, usually occuring overnight, ZA will block access to IP
    i have a small ethernet network here at the house but have not assigned that IP address to any device.
    a google search of that IP address as well as a search of the ZA forums hasn't produced any meaningful results.
    i don't understand this security alert or from where it is originating.
    can someone please help me understand this?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Security Alert from

    You will never find googling for it because it is an IP totally within your little network. 192.x.x.x are reserved private ranges.
    Most likely your router is on a LAN.
    And most likely the router issued that IP to one of the devices connected to it. But maybe not.

    In order to get help, tell us
    What network numbers do you see on the Zones tab?
    Have you permitted the other IPs on the network to be trusted?
    What does the log say about that IP address? Logs are in c:\windows\InternetLogs, as well as on the alerts tab.
    How many devices are hooked to the router?
    Is it a wired setup or some wireless connections (if wireless, and not doing MAC filtering, it could be your neighbor)
    Have you assigned a static IP to those devices (implied in your post) or is the router issueing IPs?
    Finally, run ipconfig /all and paste results here, as follows
    Start, Run, type cmd, hit Enter
    Type ipconfig /all with a space left of the /
    Copy the entire results and paste into your reply
    That'll tell us what sort of IPs are expected and where to go from here.

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