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Thread: zonealarm doesn't work with StrongDC properly

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    andydin Guest

    Default zonealarm doesn't work with StrongDC properly

    I have zonealarm security suite 8.0.400.020 and StrongDC 2.03.
    StrongDC is moved to super trust level.
    1. It connects with my local network hub, I can see other users of the hub.
    2. After I try to download any file, strongdc can find no one users with required file. If I shutdown zonealarm the strongdc works properly.
    3. If I launch zonealarm again, the strongdc works properly some time. After some time zonealarm starts to damage data packets, which strongdc receives and the software cannot get file again. Also if any user leaves the hub and login again, the strongdc cannot find files on user's pc again.
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