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Thread: Window keeps popping up

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    jimbusse Guest

    Default Window keeps popping up

    A friend with a new HP desktop running Windows Vista installed Zone Alarm free edition at my recommendation. The problem is, every time he boots his computer, a window comes up with the heading "Zone Alarm Security Options". There is a message, the first paragraph beginning with "Hackers..." and the second with "Would you like to learn more..." then two buttons: [>Tell Me More] and [>No, Thank You]. By clicking "No, Thank You", the window goes away. However the window returns every time he reboots. I could find no way around this problem in ZA setup, nor could I find an answer in this forum.

    I run ZA, the latest version on XP. I've never had this problem. And we can't find a fix.

    What gives?

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    Charles_B Guest

    Default Re: Window keeps popping up

    You could most likely find a fix at this link :

    More Information at this link :

    Have a nice Day

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