On my main PC (a desktop) I use Zone Alarm Security Suite v 8.0.400.020. My O/S is Vista Ultimate.

I use a Virgin cable modem in the UK. The cable modem goes to a Linksys wireless router. My main PC is connected to the router with a wired connection. I also have a laptop with a wireless connection to the router. My Firewall Settings are (i) Internet Zone Security = High; and (ii) Trusted Zone Security = Medium.

On set up, ZA detects a private network ( which the ZA manual recommends that I put in the Trusted Zone. If I put the network (essentially my home network including my router) into the Trusted Zone will I understand that ZASS no longer protects me from external hackers etc, etc as their probe comes through the router which is in the Trusted Zone - I have to rely on my Router for this inbound protection. Is this correct??

I understand that other ZASS features (including outbound protection) remain in place.

I want my Main PC to be protected by ZASS for both inbound and outbound traffic. I do not want to rely on my router.

My DHCP Server
is which is the router. It seems odd that the general recommendation for home networks is to put the DHCP server (ie =
the Router) into the trusted zone which then negates ZASS' inbound traffic protection?? See http://forums.zonealarm.org/zonelabs...ssage.id=52217
for example of the recommendations. See also
the Guru Hoov site.

I would be grateful for any comments/help on this subject.