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    kpatrol Guest

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    I'm running ZA Security Suite 5.5.062. In trying to check some speed issues, I notice my upload speed measures only about 208kb with ZA on, but goes to 450kb with ZA off. I don't even get a measurement for the download speed, I assume because of the firewall. Is ZA supposed to slow me down that much?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:5.5

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    Some users have experienced such slow down.... Have you tried to disable privacy control?You may also take the risk of updating to ZASS 6. Some users have resolved theirspeed issues with it. Make an image of yourHD to revert back to ZASS 5.5 in case of problems (MS System restore isnot good for the purpose)Fax

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    kjellsigvard Guest

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    I am running ZA Security Suite ver. 6.1.737.00 and have a similare experience.
    WITH ZASS the speed usually is 4-5 mbits
    WITHOUT ZASS the speed increases to 9-10 mbits.
    Thats too great a difference in my opinion.
    Have closed all programs that may disturb the connection before testing the speed (with TP312swe - a program distributed by a government organisation).
    What can be done to improve performance ?

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    jmpoer Guest

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    I am using version 7.0.337. My download speed drops to 650-700kbps WITH ZA and rises to 58mb WITHOUT ZA.

    This is terrible. Is there a solution?


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