The first thing that I did after buying a new laptop was to buy a ZoneAlarm Internet Suite to provide firewall and anti-virus protection.
Knowing that this is a Vista computer, I picked the box labeled "For Vista."
I failed to get it loaded no matter how much I tried.
I kept getting error messages saying that it was not certified for Vista.
After visiting the ZoneAlarm web site there was a note that their program was in fact not compatible with Vista, that the box was mislabeled, and that they had another program that would work.
The web site helpfully said that you could use the failed program's key for additional ZoneAlarm products! Whoopee.

I'm out $40 bucks.
I downloaded the new program certified for Vista because, on that day my spouse was leaving on a trip and wanted a functioning laptop.
Unfortunately, once you have loaded the bad program on the computer the only way to ever load another program from ZoneAlarm is to format the C: drive.

So, I reformatted the C drive, reloaded Vista, reloaded all of the other software, and got the new ZoneAlarm program loaded.
That was a couple of months ago.
However, since then, the program goes through the initiation routine every time it gets turned on.
The antivirus program won't work at all.
So after being reminded of this problem more than a few times, I decided to try to get it to work. After much research I found that the ZoneAlarm
website noted taht "Our License Key server had some difficulties, causing the Antivirus tab to dissappear fro some users."
So everyone that downloaded that program when I did must uninstall ZoneAlarm and reinstall it yet again.
However, there is a problem.
Because it is a security program, you just can't run the uninstall program anymore.
You have to be logged on as the "Administrator."
I then found out that Microsoft has basically made it impossible for mere mortals to become an Administrator under Vista.

I tried to reinstall ZoneAlarm but it failed yet again. This time I had to use a credit card and call their hot line to see how to get it to work at the $3 per minute rate.

After several minutes I was told that I would also have to erase a bunch of other files and that they would e-mail me those instructions.
Well, they never did. So after taking off a half day of work the laptop is right back where it was when I started the entire process.
ZoneAlarm still does not work.
When do the problems end?

Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite