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Thread: Anti Virus / Anti Spyware Update Problems

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    Default Anti Virus / Anti Spyware Update Problems

    I am using Vista Ultimate on a new Dell PC. I have Zone Alarm Security Suite v I am getting an intermittent problem when ZA seeks to update anti virus and anti spyware deginitions. The update seems to get "stuck"; the arrow on the ZA icon indicating an update is in progress remains and the PC freezes. I am sure that it relates to a ZA update as it has happened too many times for it to be anything else.
    I have to reboot PC. Then I can run the update without problems. This problem occurs both with automativ updates and user driven updates.
    My current ZA definitions are:Zone Alarm Security Suite version vector security engine version version Virus engine version 3, DAT file version 20070930005000Anti spyware engine version, DAT file version 01.200709.2505Anti spam version
    All help much appreciated.

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    vt_stud Guest

    Default Re: Anti Virus / Anti Spyware Update Problems

    Hm - I have ZA Security Suite same version for everything except
    Anti-virus signature DAT file version:20070930075000
    and I've been experiencing the same problem. And I don't know how deep the ZA roots go into the OS, but I know for me, I can't even get Vista to respond to Ctrl-Alt-Del. It wouldn't be too bad if I could kill it. I mean really, isn't there like a time-out mechanism or something that should prevent this from happening? I'm sure the programmers are busy, and Vista has enough bugs on it's own, but its been a while since any updates have been forthcoming on ZA for Vista. Were no bugs detected since then?

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    Default Re: Anti Virus / Anti Spyware Update Problems

    Update problems still continuing.
    Could this be a problem with ZA servers not being able to cope with volume of updates???
    Would really appreciate some help with this problem??
    Many thanks

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