5 to 10 years ago I used Norton Anti-virus and everyone I knew used Norton. Over the years we have all changed because of issues to other software. Now I don't think I know anyone on Norton.

After Norton, I tried a combination of packages, but it was cumbersome to be running software from several companies:

So I switched to ZoneAlarm and started recommending it to clients and relatives. Many people that I now are now on Zone Alarm. I'm still running ZoneAlarm, but I'm starting to wonder because of various issues.

(1) Conflict between Logitech webcam and Zonelabs - removed logitech software
(2) Periodic crashing of outlook express apparently a continuing feature of ZA:

(3)vsmon.exe - memory could not be read after scan for a while. New problem, but lots seem to have it:

However, ZA at least has a discussion forum and sometimes there are good answers here and I'm sure that each product has its issues. Not sure what to do, but starting to ask around. Free firewall was great, so didn't mind giving back to the company by buying the security suite.

Comments? Your experiences?

Operating System:
Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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Update: Thank you Guru Fax from Zone Alarm for doing a great job monitoring the forums !

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