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Thread: Acceptable Tracking Cookies?

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    findley Guest

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    you're in a two-pronged area:
    1 - removing what's on the computer now
    I'd also suggest you run your ZA scans in Safe Mode and since your're infected the sooner the better.
    Zone Alarm or any other firewall is only as good as its settings.
    2 - prevention and like previous posters have said strengthen your brower by blocking everything and then if you need ebay etc allow site by site, but previously you gave permission to everybody by all the green checks in your first post.
    That's how you got all the infections.
    If you block 3rd party cookies at the browser level and turn on privacy advisor it'll tell you what's needed if the page does not load correctly.
    you don't have to give everybody cookies just because they ask.
    You can block everything on most sites and surf safely.
    Again sites like ebay have to be fine tuned in program control-->site list
    Bad sites are another issue: allows you to check sites and or download their free version or paid version.
    on this forum you'll find Force Field a beta product in testing.

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    morey Guest

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    Just for a test I re-enabled ZASS 7 antispyware module and ran a scan.
    Not a single spyware module was found.
    Thus, Spyware Doctor 5.1 did shield me from those tracking cookies.
    Also, it found a lot of non-cookie spyware as can be seen from the image I posted earlier in this thread.
    I sent that image of the Spyware Doctor quarantined spyware modules to PC Tools Support for analysis just to be sure none of that was false positives.
    Zone Alarm now uses Kaspersky to detect viruses and it seems effective.
    Maybe they will incorporate Spyware Doctor in some future release.

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    Just block the third party cookies either in the browser or in the ZAISS Privacy. This will prevent any "spy" cookies or third party cookies to enter in the first place. If you want to manage cookies outside of the browser or the ZA, then use a cookie manager in something like CCleaner - you can wipe all bad cookies before spoyware scans and see for your self the heavy duty spy scanners are no needed for cookies. Plus the CCleaner is freeware.

    Best regards.

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