I am using Vista Ultimate on a new Dell PC. I have Zone Alarm Security Suite v I am getting an intermittent problem when ZA seeks to update the anti virus and anti spyware definitions. The update seems to get "stuck"; the arrow on the ZA icon indicates that
an "update is running" and this remains in place. This "sticking" goes on
for a long time/indefinitely. Sometimes after a while the update seems to complete, other times I have to reboot the PC to clear the problem.
This problem occurs both with automatic updates and with user driven updates.
I do not know what is the cause of the problem - a problem with ZA software, problem with ZA servers or something else. Is anybody else (particularly Vista users) experiencing the same problem??
While I am seeking to resolve the problem I would be grateful for advice as to whether ALL the ZA protections (active and passive) remain effective and in place even though
an update is running?? On the ZA Overview page all is described as normal (showing a green tick) - Inbound Protection, Outbound Protection, Anti-virus and Anti-spyware.
Can anyone help with the problem and/or provide reassurance regarding ZA protection???