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    bdemchak Guest

    Default Slow Java validation

    Hi --
    I'm running a rather large Java application -- Poseidon for UML, a UML editor. It runs fine, but it's SLOOWWWW. It's not so slow when I turn off ZoneAlarm's virus and spyware checker. As an experiment, I enabled WebRoot's Spy Sweeper ... it's not slow with Spy Sweeper. So, I would conclude that ZoneAlarm's virus and spyware checker are effective but SLOOWWWW with Java. Is this true?? Is there something I can do to get better speed?? Is there something ZoneAlarm can do to get better speed??

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: Slow Java validation

    Try setting Program Control > SmartDefense Advisor from Auto to Manual. Same protection, possibly a few more popup messages, but everything runs faster for me. If it has no effect for you, set it back to Auto.

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    bdemchak Guest

    Default Re: Slow Java validation

    How interesting ... I hadn't realized this was there.
    The problem
    looks a little dicey for Java programs. My Poseidon program isn't listed directly ... it's not executed directly. The Java VM is what I think ZoneAlarms thinks it's executing.
    Fine, so I have listings for 4 javaw.exe files, 1 javac.exe file, 5 java.exe files, 7 different Standard Edition files, etc. And they all have different settings.
    Maybe this could be a part of my problem?? Anyone know much about this??

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    Default Re: Slow Java validation

    I'd uninstall the older Java engines and leave the recent ones, just to cleanup the Java mess.

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    bdemchak Guest

    Default Re: Slow Java validation

    Actually, I need the Java engines I have ... I'm a developer, and use different Java engines for different purposes. Would it be sufficient to delete all of the Java engine references from the Zone Alarm display, then let Zone Alarm rediscover them??
    But wouldn't that apply the same setting to all Java programs?? Is there any danger in letting all Java programs run?? (Outside of the danger that security holes in older Java machines present ...)

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    Default Re: Slow Java validation

    Yes, just delete references and ZA will put them back in with some default (depending how much security you apply).

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    bdemchak Guest

    Default Re: Slow Java validation

    Yes, except that whatever security I'll apply will apply to *all* Java apps, right?? Are there any unsafe ones??

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    Default Re: Slow Java validation

    Yes, there are Java-based nasties on the net. I've had my ZA anti-spyware stop a Java nasty once.If you disable the anti-spyware, does your Java editing application speed up?

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    bdemchak Guest

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    Yes, dramatically.

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