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Thread: A Virus Called ( Not A Virus )

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    craigt Guest

    Default A Virus Called ( Not A Virus )

    Could somebody please tell me how to go about getting rid of the virus called ( not a virus )
    Zone Alarm was the only program that is able to find it but was not able to qurentine,rename or delete it.The virus has attached itself to the file ( urspp.dll ) And I am unable to delete it myself even in safe mode.
    I thank you for any help

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:6.5
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    findley Guest

    Default Re: A Virus Called ( Not A Virus )

    Craig T,
    My suggestion:
    Download and install HIJACKTHIS (free)
    at www.trendsecure.comRun a scan only and save the Hijackthis logfileRun a startup list from Misc tools on hijackthis, save the startup log.Do not do any fixes or
    change anything in any wayI recommend you work with trained experts at
    Also go to bleeping See Preparation Guide for use before posting a HijackThis Log at
    both the scan log file and the startup list
    HIJACKTHIS information to
    (free tech forum you'll need to register to get help)
    Also if you choose to do this, stick with working with them, some people solution hop and that can and usually does become a disaster. Just my opinion.
    Also when and if you post your HIJACKTHIS log be
    sure to include detailed information about your OS, Firewall, A/V, A/S and their versions, etc.
    Good luck,Findley

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    cyberstorm_five Guest

    Default Re: A Virus Called ( Not A Virus )

    Run a search for the file on LIUtilities and verify the file. Not A Virus is usually used to identify a threat the is not a Virus, for example, Crack tools, hack tools, psw stealers, etc. If indeed you want to remove the file Killbox is an excellent program for killing processes and files, even offering to do it on reboot when the file is not in use. Good Luck.

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    cyberstorm_five Guest

    Default Re: A Virus Called ( Not A Virus )

    PS- Findley is totally correct and I myself have jumped. Hijack this is an excellent program and will find all hidden streams and processes, It does NOT diagnose the solutions or tell you what to delete, so make sure you goto the forums he suggested for help, DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING using hijack this without Expert Help. Or suffer the consequences...Again, good luck.

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