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Thread: Trojan Ld pinch

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    desireek Guest

    Default Trojan Ld pinch

    Yesterday Spy Sweeper detected a trojan called Ld pinch on my computer and quarantained it. Zass did not detect this trojan. Does anyone know anything about this trojan and perhaps how I can check if it has left traces in the register or in any other places in my computer?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Trojan Ld pinch - SpySweeper - false positive

    What you can find with a simple google search -<hr>here is one excerpt - &quot; LdPinch Trojan and Microsft Oct 22, 2007 12:27 PM
    <div class="jive-thread-reply-message">
    Should have checked Webroots board first. Found a new post in their on line help as follows:

    Webroot Antivirus/Spy Sweeper is falsely detecting a registry key associated with Windows Live Messenger as a trojan labeled 'LDPinch'. The registry entry is quarantined by Webroot Antivirus/Spy Sweeper, however, there is no severe impact to a user's system. The registry entry is simply restored after restarting the system.

    Webroot has identified the erroneous detection and has removed the false positive from the latest definition update. Webroot Antivius/Spy Sweeper will automatically update itself once the definition update is available. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this false positive, please feel free to contact our Support Team by going to and submit a question to us by clicking on &quot;Ask A Question&quot;

    Hope that resolves the issue for all.&quot;

    <div class="jive-thread-reply-message"><hr><div class="jive-thread-reply-message">Here is Official Webroot - responses -<div class="jive-thread-reply-message">
    <div class="jive-thread-reply-message">Message Board

    10/22/2007- Webroot has released definition version 1015 that corrects the false positive detection of 'LDPinch'. The definition update is available for download. If your copy of Webroot Antivirus/Spy Sweeper is set for automatic updates (set by default) then your software will automatically update itself the next time you connect to the internet. You may do a manual definition update as well. Please reference Answer ID# 325 for assistance manually downloading a definition update.<div class="jive-thread-reply-message"><hr>

    It would be advisable to always check for false positives with any detection, of any security software; use simple google searches, check their own forums, cross check with other reliable 'threat centers', etc.
    - these things you can do yourself.

    <div class="jive-thread-reply-message"><hr><div class="jive-thread-reply-message">If it's Webroot - put this in your favorites/bookmark list -<div class="jive-thread-reply-message">
    <div class="jive-thread-reply-message">and -

    <div class="jive-thread-reply-message"><hr><div class="jive-thread-reply-message">For ZA anti-virus/malware (Kaspersky) - .

    By the way Kaspersky has 2,424 varieties of Ld pinch -;x=12&amp;y=11
    . If it was &quot;real&quot; ZA av - would have probably stopped it from installing in the first place, or detected and quarantined it.

    <div class="jive-thread-reply-message"><hr><div class="jive-thread-reply-message">NaiveMelody NYC 10-24-07 - Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie

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    desireek Guest

    Default Re: Trojan Ld pinch

    Thanks NaiveMelody, you took away my concerns!

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    kevinuptone Guest

    Default Re: Trojan Ld pinch

    I hope I'm not missing something here, but why should I have to use another software? Zonelabs detects this file which is a false positive, apparently.
    What are Zonlelabs going to do, to obviate erroneous messages and prompted actions [delete on reboot] with this?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Trojan Ld pinch

    KevinuptonE, re-read from first post thru. She has Webroot SpwSweeper which gave false positive. ZA is not involved at all = did not detect- because it's was all Webroot's SpySweeper's scan - only - they picked up a false positive. ZA scans had no detections - there was no
    problem - no real malware.:0 Wake up.

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