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Thread: How to disable TrialPay popup?

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    austinjohn Guest

    Default How to disable TrialPay popup?

    There have been 5 threads on the TrialPay popup in the forum but none seem to address how to get rid of it so this is that question.

    The background: We have a ZASS 3-User Family Pack installed on two desktop and one laptop computers. All installs are in Windows XP SP2 and were done at the same time. We have no problems with any of the installs except the laptop regularly displays the TrialPay popup. The popup message box represents itself as "Zone Alarm Security Agent" and reads "An important Security Update is now available. Zone Alarm is also now available for Windows Vista. Do you want to get the update now [recommnded]?" with two choices "Update now" or "Remind me later" (with options for 1 day, 7 days, 30 days or 60 days).

    If we chose "Update Now" we find it is not a Zone Alarm Update but rather are taken to the TrialPay website.

    I wrote TrialPay Support and received a self-serving blah, blah, blah response from the former ("Unfortunately, we have no control over the ZoneAlarm reminders that you see on your desktop as it belongs to ZoneAlarm's site. TrialPay is associated with ZoneAlarm only as a payment platform and we do are unable to change the settings on their site. Please request for assistance to the ZoneAlarm Customer Service team at and they should be able to resolve this matter for you.)

    ZoneAlarm Support suggested I turn off automatic updates ("so you do not see this message about TrialPay&quot which seemed to make no sense as 2 out of three installs did not have this problem.

    So the question: Does anyone here have a suggestion as to how we disable the popup so it will no longer appear?

    Thank you!

    John Blinn

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: How to disable TrialPay popup?

    Something is wrong, when you click on the ZA reminder to get an update - you should get a link to the update not TrialPay.What version of ZA are you using?7.0.337.000?7.0.362.000?7.0.408.000?I don't use TrialPay.You can download the latest version on this page

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    austinjohn Guest

    Default Re: How to disable TrialPay popup?

    Thanks for the reply.

    The installer was a later version but per problems we encountered and suggestions on the Forum all three were uninstalled and reinstalled using 7.0.337.000.

    We do not use TrialPay either. It just appeared like an unwelcome weed.

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    austinjohn Guest

    Default Re: How to disable TrialPay popup? - Solved!

    Solved my own problem. Somehow (yet another mystery) registered-ZASS had been replaced by free-ZoneAlarm and hence the popup.

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