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Thread: ZA spyware and music downloads

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    Default ZA spyware and music downloads

    hi, i recently installed ZA spyware and firewall, and now i cannot sample any music tracks from legitimate download sites.

    the box pops up, but no music will play, our other pc doesnt have the spyware, just the ZA firewall and all works perfectly on there. so it must be something to do with the spyware stopping the sample being played , i have just taken out another years subscription to this spyware programme, and all last year i didnt have any problems at all.

    is there anything i can alter to get it to work,apart from this glitch all is fine.

    thank you for your time

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware

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    Default Re: ZA spyware and music downloads


    Welcome to the Forum!

    Correction on your post PLEASE. It's ZA ANTI-SPYWARE.

    When you download anything, you need to turn off the Mobile Code Control under the Privacy tab and REMEMBER to turn the Mobile Code Control BACK ON, after you are done downloading.

    How do I adjust Privacy settings for a site? Be sure that the Privacy Advisor is turned on (Privacy -> Cookie Control -Custom). Then, whenever a site is affected by your Privacy settings, it will appear in the Privacy Panel -> Sites list, where you can adjust settings for that specific site.

    Thank you for your time and have a nice day!


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    Default Re: ZA spyware and music downloads

    13. When should I give a program "server rights" and when should I deny a program server rights?

    You may receive some alerts asking you if a certain program should act as a server and be given &quot;server rights&quot;. We recommend that you not give any program server rights unless one of the following is true for you:<ul>[*]You are hosting a Web site on your computer[*]You are sharing files with another person(s)[*]You are playing games that require point-to-point connections with other players across the Internet[/list]

    If any of these situations apply to you, then you should give programs for the activity server rights. If none of the above examples applies to you, it is not recommended that you allow any program to have server rights. Allowing a program to have server rights means that an outside connection can access your computer through that program.

    At any time in the future, you can always change the setting of the program to give it &quot;server rights&quot; by going to Program Control (left-hand column) &gt; select the Programstab &gt; highlight the program you wish to give &quot;server rights&quot; &gt; click on the &quot;X&quot; under &quot;Server&quot; and click &quot;Allow&quot; in the little box that pops up.<hr>Specifically - some of the programs that may need server rights are: some Instant Messaging
    services like 'Skype' , Messenger Live 8.1,Voice-over-Internet, etc. / on-line gaming - XBox live, Playstaion 2-3, RPG PC games, etc.
    / if you listen to or view certain
    -streaming audio/and or video programs - like listening to PC radio(AOL,Napster,etc.) Real Player, QuickTime ,Windows Media Player to listen to music or download and watch video / some Chat rooms / Web meeting...

    One of the great things about ZoneAlarm firewalls, is the precise program control - that a user has - For instance if you play on-line video games - you have those programs with server rights - but when your not playing - you can reduce privileges- RED X server rights, and internet access - which stops any attempts by hackers to get in thru those programs that had previously been granted server rights=easy access.<hr>Also see this -
    - go thru the list of program settings and make sure you are in synch.- Make sure all the &quot;Media Player&quot; programs have three green bars -super trust level
    &gt; Acess - two green checks &gt;Server -
    two green checks

    &gt; Mail - ' ? '.- the music site you trying to download from may also need the same 'allowances -green checks'
    - Also check in &quot;Program Control's -'Components' panel for any
    'music/ media player'
    files - needing green checks there.- Better to use IE 6-7
    instead of firefox.<hr>What media player are you using? which version?And which music sites are you trying to download from? any ZA alerts or error messages or is it Microsoft boxes? when you try to download open ZA program control - see which programs are active.What anti-virus are you using?
    You can try with &quot;Spy Site Blocking&quot; temporarily 'off' just prior to music downloads and see if that helps.<hr>You know the ZA Anti-spyware = ZA firewall + ZA anti-spyware -all in one unit; I hope you haven't installed ZA Free firewall and ZA Anti-spyware??<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 11-4-07 - Don't Stop The Music - Yarbrough &amp; Peoples

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