Ok here is what is going on, I was told to reset Zone Zlarm SS which I did. Then I set my Av and Spyware to run at 1:30Am Dailey. Well work up this morning and saw that the AV scar ran ok but the Spyware did not run at all. So I then just clicked to manually run the spyware. It started and after 45 minutes is still running. Ususally this only takea only a few
This all started after I did the lasest update. Prior to this I have had the same configuration to run the AV and Spy scans daily at 1:30Am for the last year at least and never had a this issue?
What gives??????
ZASS 6.02..678
Ver 98435733AS
5.029.o DAT Ver 01.2009.5525Anti Spam
<blockquote><hr>photographica wrote:
Hi all,
I have just downloaded the latest version of Zone alarm security suite and run it on xp pro sp2.
Same problem as Lost in Space.
My AV scans used to last just over 1 hour, today it was going for over 4 hours
and still ot complete.
What has gone wrong?