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Thread: Can't update after clean uninstall/re-install

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    otrwrne Guest

    Default Can't update after clean uninstall/re-install

    I posted earlier that I couldn't update A/S and A/S:
    "I have my ZASS 7.0408.000 set for manual update.
    I run the update feature at least once a day.
    The AV says it is downloading and installing new files and afterward shows the current date on the AV/AS main page.
    The AS also says its downloading and installing files, but the AV/AS Main Page still shows Oct 30, even after the Update window shows files being downloaded and updated currently.

    However, on the Overview/Product Information Page, it shows AV
    DAT file version 20071015085000 and AS DAT file version 01.200710.2715.
    The engine and driver versions are up to date.

    Any suggestions for a computer novice?"
    Replies on this board suggested that I use the beta .448 version of ZASS.
    However, since I am not very computer savy, I decided I better stay away from a beta version.
    Instead I e-mailed the problem to ZA and they told me to do a clean uninstall, remove all files, and delete several folders in the Windows folder and the System 32 folder.
    I should then clean the temp file cache and then re-install, which I attempted to do.
    After several
    attempts, I was able to re-install 7.0.408.000, but now it won't update and there is no A/V DAT file showing and the A/S DAT file version is 01.200701.795, so I am worse off than before.
    Any suggestions?
    Fujitsu Notebook P7010DWindows XP ProZASS Version 7.0.408.000TrueVector Version 7.0.408.000Driver Version 7.0.408.000Anti-virus Engine Number 3,
    DAT file versionAnti-spy Engine Version, DAT file version .01.200701.795Anti-spam Version

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Can't update after clean uninstall/re-install

    Hi,I made a post below yours, PLEASE repost into that thread and PLEASE READ the entire post, THANKS.SlyFox

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    eeight Guest

    Default Re: Can't update after clean uninstall/re-install

    you can re install the version you removed, .408, it should recognize the files, after that download the latest beta and install over it, as a "clean" install.
    I highly recommend you do a full system backup before you install any
    versions again after you get it to work again, that way if you have a problem you can just recover your system as it was prior to any bad updates insted of going through a removal process as these security suites are very intrusive in a system and aren't that easily removed.

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    aol Guest

    Default Re: Can't update after clean uninstall/re-install

    I hope you have made a restore point before all this. If you have, then restore your pc to it's previous state and then even if ZASS is showing in the "start" "programs", reinstall the same version as an update and go all the way to the end. It will work with the present problems you are having. Live with it until there is an official final update, which should not be long now.

    Beware that this version is not possible to uninstall and that you will be worse off for doing so. Stick with it for the time being.


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