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Thread: Anti-spyware update now fails in all Security Suite Versions from 7.0.302.000 to 7.0.459.00 beta

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    njp Guest

    Default Anti-spyware update now fails in all Security Suite Versions from 7.0.302.000 to 7.0.459.00 beta

    X-( Despite frequent recent contact with Technical Support, and trying every suggestion I can find on this forum, I cannot get
    ZASS 7.0
    to update the AntiSpyware properly.________Windows XP Pro SP2 latest updatesZonelabs Security Suite 7.0.408.00 (where problem first emerged)_________
    As posted by many others, I get "cannot patch spyware database" after a successful anti-virus update.
    I have tried the following ...
    ZA Clean ToolRemoved Lavasoft Ad-aware SE and SpybotComplete manual uninstall (all folders and registry entries)Over 10 complete reinstalls...from version 302 to latest betaUniblue Registry Booster (no apparent problems in registry)Kaspersky 7 (only installed whilst Zonelabs was removed) = no virus detectedFirewall on or offE-Mail Protection offMicrosoft hotfix for User32.dll problems earlier this year with third party software.Removed WinZip 8.1 and re-engaged XP handling of .zip filesManually unzipping the updates zip file "in situ".Running "patch.exe tools\UpdAntiSpyware.dll:InstallSpywareDB -patch"

    Could this error
    have anything to do with my PC's settings for permission to run scripts?
    (any suggestions on this
    would be appreciated)
    Possible fixes that I could not try involved
    running ZASS in Safe Mode (I can't get ZASS to do this ... !).
    I get the impression that there are quite a few folks with this problem in ZoneLabs Products (?)
    Nigel (very disappointed long-term user of Zonelabs products)

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Anti-spyware update

    Dear NJP:

    The Forum Moderator has posted a solution here:;

    Hope this helps.


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    njp Guest

    Default Re: Anti-spyware update

    Hi Watcher,
    Thanks for the link, but unfortunately this has already been tried many times on many versions of ZASS.
    I would like to know if ZASS should run in safe mode
    (because mine doesn't)?Should you get an icon in the
    system tray?How can you restore the Control Center without one?I manually start ZASS in safe mode but nothing happens.
    Also, my PC security currently blocks the running of .xml files.
    Could this be why the antispyware won't patch?
    Any thoughts would be appreciated from users....
    :8} Nigel

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    yuanlestat Guest

    Default Re: Anti-spyware update

    Here is my zonealarm version..

    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:7.0.337.000
    TrueVector version:7.0.337.000
    Driver version:7.0.337.000
    Anti-virus engine version:3
    Anti-spyware engine version:
    Anti-spyware signature DAT file version:01.200701.795
    AntiSpam version:

    the antispyware update is doin fine but the antivirus update says "Error:Unable to Connect"

    what do i have to do?? please guys help so afraid my files might be damaged..

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    njp Guest

    Default Re: Anti-spyware update

    using the Forum Moderator solution here ...;
    I get the following ...
    Checking for new Anti-virus updates ...
    Anti-virus up to date
    Downloading Anti-spyware updates ...

    Updating Component Update
    Anti-spyware Engine
    Spyware Database 01.200710.2725
    Spyware Database 01.200711.2845

    <patch.exe runs now
    I think, fraction of a second on screen>
    Spyware Database 01.200710.2725
    Spyware Database 01.200711.2845
    cannot patch spyware database

    Message Edited by NJP on 11-17-2007 07:14 AM

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Anti-spyware update

    Dear NJP:

    Yes, the LocalCatalog.xml file is the file that is updated with the spyware definitions. That is why you are probably unable to update.

    Hope this helps.


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    kazzer Guest

    Default Re: Anti-spyware update

    Hi Nigel,
    Did you actually ever find and answer to your ZA probs as I have just got the same issues the antispyware will not update says it cannot patch and when I try going into safe mode ZA will not open.
    I have been running ZA for several years now and on this laptop with no probs but I just did a format on my laptop and now I am getting this error.
    I have uninstalled ZA several times Manually as to not leave anything behind I have even tried using the new beta 464 version but still nothing changes with regards to the Anti spywre updating part and all the other topics I have read with regards to this problem have not worked either it is now starting to drive me mad but I guess it's ZA's New Year blessing to me LOL.
    My ZA system is as followsVersion 7.0.464.000Anti virus engine version 3 DAT file 9411860085Anti spyware engine version, DAT file 01.200710.275Anti spam

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    njp Guest

    Default Re: Anti-spyware update

    Hi Kazzer,
    I have still got the "cannot update spyware database" problem.
    The Moderator thinks that this is caused by my operating system which is Windows XP Media Center Edition.(Apparently this version of XP is not supported by Zonelabs).
    So my first question is
    ... are you using Win XP MCE?
    (If not, then perhaps the problem lies with Zonelabs after all....)
    I have found a work-around that works for me, but it takes a bit of effort I'm afraid ...
    If you have access to another PC with Zonelabs Antispyware
    on it that is working OK
    1. Run the update on the other PC.
    2. Copy "c:\windows\system32\zonelabs\spyware.dat&quo t; and "c:\windows\system32\zonelabs\spyware0.dat&qu ot; to the root directory of your own PC.
    3. You then have to reboot your PC into Recovery Console.
    4. Rename

    "c:\windows\system32\zonelabs\spyware.dat&quo t; as "c:\windows\system32\zonelabs\spyware.dat.old ", and"c:\windows\system32\zonelabs\spyware0.dat " as "c:\windows\system32\zonelabs\spyware0.dat.ol d"
    5. Copy new files "c:\spyware.dat" to "c:\windows\system32\zonelabs\spyware.dat, and"c:\spyware0.dat"
    to "c:\windows\system32\zonelabs\spyware0.dat&qu ot;
    6. Reboot
    It's crude, I know, but I have done this several times and it updates the anti-spyware library OK.
    However, you still get the "cannot update spyware database" if you try an auto update, so its not a fix in itself.
    Needless to say, please don't mess with Recovery Console if your are not competent in its usage.... as all the above is entirely
    at your own risk.
    I'm merely just saying what I have found to work for me in the absence of any fix from Zonelabs.
    Like you, I have been a Zonelabs customer for many years and I am willing to put up with this inconvenience in consideration of the other benefits bestowed by this excellent software.
    Hope this helps.
    :8} Nigel

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    kazzer Guest

    Default Re: Anti-spyware update

    Hi Nigel thanks for the quick response.
    Well I am running XP PRO on my laptop that I am having probs with so obviously has nothing to do with the fact that you are on MC just a get out clause more like.
    As I said it worked perfectly on this laptop before I formatted but all this stupid can't patch stuff, however I have a further laptop and a desktop
    that run XP HOME and plus another laptop that runs XP PRO and NONE of these have any probs so it sounds like there is a silly tick box somewhere dep down in the running system that has been forgotten about in ours.
    Was yours a clean install of windows??.
    I will give your instructions ago a bit later and will let you know how I get on. Once again thanx and it's a shame that no one seems to be able to help and we are all left high and dry.

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    Default Re: Anti-spyware update


    I guess you did inform ZALabs via the BETA feedback.
    That is the best way to proceed since BETA feedback goes directly to ZA developers.


    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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