I've got the same problem that others here have mentioned. The update procedure for the virus and spyware scanners hangs, and eventually brings the system down (because when this happens the daily scan freezes too).

ZoneAlarm Security Suite version
TrueVector security engine version
Driver Version
Anti-virus engine version 3
Anti-spyware engine version, DAT file version 01.200711.2845
AntiSpam version

(You know, the ability to copy this information from the "Product Info" tab sure would be a nice user interface addition. ZoneLabs could ensure that every bit of information they would need for trouble shooting showed up there, and then you could just a press a "copy" button to copy it to the clipboard, and then you could paste it into a message that was for trouble shooting an issue.)

Anyway, I've turned off automatic updates for the virus/spyware definitions, but even after a reboot, the program attempts to update, hangs, and the process repeats itself. Why is it not recognizing the fact that the auto-updates are turned off? Am I pretty much out of luck until this issue is fixed? Should I just uninstall and try something else?

Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite