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Thread: "Skip if the object is greater than..." questions.

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    lalittle Guest

    Default "Skip if the object is greater than..." questions.

    The default setting for the "Skip if the object is greater than..." option is 8MB.
    Is it really "safe" to use this option?
    If this is checked, does it only apply to the "On Demand" scan and NOT the "On access" scan?
    If files greater than 8MB are skipped during the On Demand scan, won't viruses hidden in zip files commonly be skipped (since these files will often be greater than 8MB), and doesn't this run the risk of passing a virus on to somebody else?
    I've never seen a virus scan
    option to skip files above a certain size limit, so I'm interested in hearing more about this.
    The ZASS manual doesn't go into ANY details on this subject, and the ZL "Instant" help section didn't offer any information on this that I could find.

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    splittle Guest

    Default Re: "Skip if the object is greater than..." questions.

    I'm really interested in this subject -- does anybody have further information on this, or can they possibly tell me where I might find out more about this?
    The manual doesn't answer any of the questions I have about the specifics of this setting.
    If I have ZASS set to skip files greater than 8MB, does this ONLY effect full system scans?
    I tried scanning a folder with some very
    large files in it, and I could see in the progress info that the files WERE being scanned, so I'm confused when this setting comes into play.
    Does it only effect the scanning when the main "scan for viruses" button is pressed, and not when highlighting a folder and manually scanning it?
    Thanks for any further information on this,

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    Default Re: "Skip if the object is greater than..." questions.

    yes, I believe its only for the scheduled scans...

    This is done since the probability of malware using a carrier larger than 8MB is near to zero.
    Successful malware need to be as light as possible to facilitate fast spreading. Smaller it is, easier it is to propagate faster.

    Usually malware is contained in code that is less than 5-10kb and rarely in files larger than 1-2MB.

    Hope this helps.


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