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    hotch Guest

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    I am running ZA Security Suite on Vista Ultimate, with version However, when I look to see what versions are available, the latest seems to be 7.0.462.000.

    I am having the usual problems with ZA Security Suite. I cannot let it update definitions automatically, or else it will totally tie up my processor for 20 minutes every two hours, and even then never really update. Manual update works.

    I cannot run TiVo Desktop with ZA, since the message "Beacon service not running" keeps coming up, even though the service is running. Tivo forums insist that this is a ZA problem, and the desktop would work with any other suite.

    Is really the right version? Would it make sense to uninstall completely and install 7.0.462.000?


    Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    pgonly Guest

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    Thanks for posting your experience with v. This mirrors my experience exactly as I noticed my scans were frequently hanging up and seemed to be caused by updates and scans occurring simultaneously. Also the Update Running notification is on almost all the time and ,even though no update is actually running, I am unable to manually start a virus scan. Rebooting the computer seems to be the only way to fix this. Anyway, now I know to do daily manual updates. This whole problem seems to have existed with the Vista version since it was first released. I have passed this on to the tech help a long time ago.

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