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    garypace Guest

    Default Scan Failed

    Following up on MartyTx's question regarding scan logs, my scan log is full of records of the form :

    AV/treatment,"DateTime","File+Path&quo t;,Scan Failed,Auto

    The files that the scan failed on are often install files (e.g. setup.exe, .msi, .cab) files, but there are other files (.DAT, .LOG) and entire directories that failed to scan.

    Can anybody help me to understand what is happening here ? I had assumed that the scan would check all the files on my computer - especially .exe, .msi, .cab etc


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    Default Re: Scan Failed

    Hi,Welcome to the Forum!PLEASE go to the following thread and PLEASE follow the Exact Instructions, THANKS.

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    garypace Guest

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    Hi SlyFox :

    Thanks for responding.

    Sorry about the lack of details in my first post, I just hoped somebody was going to know some general cases when a file cannot be scanned. Here is a detailed description of my question :

    I'm not sure I need to do anything as drastic as re-install ZASS - in general it is working fine (updates OK, completes scans in reasonable time, catches eicar test files etc). I installed ZASS once when I first built the PC and have never re-installed it, just accepted the update to 462 when auto-update suggested it. It's just that when I turned logging on and viewed the log, there are a number of files that the AV scan fails at. It may be that this is a normal and safe behaviour - I just want to know more at this point.

    I have :
    XP SP2 Fully Patched
    ZASS Version 7.0.462.000
    Spybot S&D

    There are four different failure modes reported, the most concerning is :

    Description Anti-virus attempted but failed to scan a file and/or system for viruses
    Date / Time 2007/12/16 11:32:46-6.00GMT
    Type Treat
    Virus name
    Filename Boot Sector
    Action Error: The parameter is incorrect.
    Mode Auto

    This is repeated 7 times - the number of drive letters in My Computer (although I am only trying to scan C: & D

    Other failure modes in the log are :

    "Error: the handler is invalid", an example file being C:\Documents and Settings\Gary\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\nxyu28ya.default\par ent.lock

    "Error: the environment is incorrect" e.g. D:\Gary's Documents\Download Files\Corel\PINC1200_Corel_ALL_Full_ESD.exe

    "Error: Access is denied" e.g. D:\Gary's Documents\Download Files\iTunes\iTunes75Setup.exe

    Some of these appear at first glance to be reasonable enough - pagefile.sys for example, but the generic install files (two examples above) are more worrying.

    Here is a bit more info :
    - None of the install files are open during the scan
    - From what I can see, all the problem files are either "system" and I can see that they would be open or otherwise unscanable (is that a word ?)or they are compressed files (msi and setup.exe type files)
    - Strangely, if I do an on demand scan (explorer right click), sometimes the scan completes, sometimes it gives an error

    * Do you really think a complete re-install is the answer here ? Like I said, I have had a very clean experience of ZASS so far and have had none of the issues I read about in these forums (other than the hang on tracking.log)

    * Do you think this is an explicable and legitimate behaviour ?

    * If other folks turn on logging and look in the log, do they see similar failed-to-scan files ?

    Thanks for your help

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    garypace Guest

    Default Re: Scan Failed

    Thought I'd try to run a scan in Safe Mode, but ZASS won't give me a GUI in Safe Mode.....

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    Default Re: Scan Failed


    PLEASE contact Tech Support and see what they say about this issue and if you would PLEASE post back with their answer they give you, THANKS.

    PLEASE use ONLY I.E. 7 or 6 when sending this Tech Support Form, as NO other browser will work, THANKS.

    You need to contact Tech Support at


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    miss Guest

    Default Re: Scan Failed

    I just posted a question about the same problem. Has anyone obtained an answer? Does this mean the anti-virus program is not really scanning? Thanks

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    garypace Guest

    Default Re: Scan Failed

    Hi :

    I never got a satisfactory answer. I created a support ticket with ZA customer support - quite useless so far :
    - Suggestion 1 : Do a clean uninstall and re-install (I suspect this is automatic for any support request)
    - Suggestion 2 : Turn off the extended database

    Neither of these made any difference, but before I could reply to the second suggestion, the ticket was closed.

    I did notice that if one right clicks on one of the files that generated an error and scans with ZA from the menu, the log shows two entries : one saying scan completed, and one saying scan failed. So it's not clear if the file is scanned or not.

    I am still trying to get to the bottom of this with ZA tech support, I'll post back here if I find out anything useful.

    P.S. The tech support lady did confirm that ZA know about the fact that ZASS doesn't work in safe mode

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