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Thread: can't get AV updates (anti-virus updates)

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    webwanderer Guest

    Default can't get AV updates (anti-virus updates)

    I have a brand new install of win 2k. I loaded ZASS 7.0.462 and I it won't update the AV definitions. The anti-spyware updates fine, but not the anti-virus.

    I tried deleting the LocalCatalog.xml file, but it says the file is in use, even if I uncheck "start ZA when Windows starts" and reboot. It's a brand new install of both Win 2k and ZASS, so this doesn't seem like a likely fix.

    I deleted the whole partition and started over. Five hours later I was back at the same place.

    I deleted the whole partition again, and re-installed 2k and 7.0.337 and I got the same thing. Anti-spyware -- fine, anti-virus -- no updates.

    I tried dozens of combinations in the AV/AS window, automatic 'on', automatic 'off', etc. No luck.

    Checking the ZASS program version works fine, and anti-spyware update works fine, but it won't do AV updates.

    I bought a 3-PC license, my other PCs can update fine on 462. One is 2k, and the other is XP.

    I tried it first without putting in my license key and again with the key. No luck.

    I tried with ZASS starting automatically with Windows and by starting it manually. No luck.

    Any ideas?

    I remember this being a problem a couple of years ago, but it went away.

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: can't get AV updates (anti-virus updates)

    Make certain you do not have any other anti-virus products active. Even if you unload them, they might still have a system service running.

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    webwanderer Guest

    Default Re: can't get AV updates (anti-virus updates)

    Is there an AV product in a brand new load of Win 2k?

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    webwanderer Guest

    Default Re: can't get AV updates (anti-virus updates)

    Reporting back:

    This is my fourth or fifth complete wipe and reload of the hard drive, and the last try for ZASS. I even went out seaching for another Security Suite, and with a sliver of hope, I thought I'd give ZASS one last try.

    It FINALLY works. My anti-virus updates now, but I'm not sure why. My guess is that it works because, for this last reload, I went through all the Windows updates and then microsoft updates before installing Zonealarm SS 462, or possibly because I did a "fixmbr" from the recovery console beforehand. These are the only differences I'm aware of. The Microsoft Updates seem quite possibly the reason.

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: can't get AV updates (anti-virus updates)

    Glad to hear you finally got it fixed. ZoneAlarm has a good product. Low overhead, small footprint, few if any problems (for most of us!).

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