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Thread: NOD32 With ZA Pro Compatibility?

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    awesome1 Guest

    Default NOD32 With ZA Pro Compatibility?

    There is a well known issue with KAV7 & ZA Pro but does anyone have issues with Nod32 & ZA Pro? ZA Pro 7
    with Kav encounters antispyware update issues which no matter how hard I try to resolve will not update correctly. I add the relevent Vsmon + update client to Kav's trusted zone but Zones spyware says its updated when it hasn't. If you run ZA Pro without Kav installed its fine but install Kav & you have problems even if you turn Kav off, so I'm looking for anyone running Nod + ZA Pro 7 to see if they go nicely.
    Please dont recommend deleting Internet logs in safe mode or uninstalling & reinstalling cause have been down that road & even tried on Acoronis fresh Windows install image to get some compatibility but no go!

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    Default Re: NOD32 With ZA Pro Compatibility?

    Don't use it personally, but I know at least two users using the combination of ZASS+NOD and ZAPRO+NOD and they have absolutely no problem... of course you need to choose the plain NOD not the Suite.


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    pairofhearts Guest

    Default Re: NOD32 With ZA Pro Compatibility?

    Have been using ZoneAlarm Pro & Nod32 for a couple of years with no hiccups or problems to date..........I have not updated Nod32 to the latest version yet as there appears to be a few bugs remaining to be worked out. I am using v2.7.39.

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: NOD32 With ZA Pro Compatibility?

    The trick with KAV, I think, is that it likes to be installed first. So remove ZAPro, all of it, all traces. Install KAV, then install ZAPro. That based only on my experience with ZA-AS.

    NOD32 v2.7 and v3 with ZA-AS - no problems here, small, quiet, invisible, fast. Should be similar with Pro, but you may have to tweak few things, like let only one of them watch email. I gather though that there are some unresolved problems in v3, so stick with 2.7 for now.

    [ I meant for this msg to fall to the bottom of the list but somehow it ended up near the top, sorry ]

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    awesome1 Guest

    Default Re: NOD32 With ZA Pro Compatibility?

    Thanks everyone, I am trying Nod 32 V2.7 with ZA Pro to see how that goes. My preference here is that ZA Pro is my prefered firewall as I like it & it is easy to use but getting KAV7 to work alongside has been very troublesome as reported in both these forums & KAV forums! I will wait on NOD V3 as Wilders do report bug issues so I will go with 2.7 alongside ZA pro 7.0.462 and see how things go!?
    Thanks again for all your input!

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