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Thread: Attention: Huhk-C detections are false positives - DO NOT DELETE...

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    Default Attention: Huhk-C detections are false positives - DO NOT DELETE...

    From - click here >,00.htm
    . [ Thanks to Guru SlyFox and others for bringing this news to our attention]<hr>Please Do Not Delete &quot;Huhk-C&quot; if you have this detection with ZA anti-virus scanning (Kaspersky anti-virus)
    this is a false positive. Instead press &gt; &quot;Ignore - Always.&quot;<hr>Windows Explorer identified as malware from by David Meyer , dated Dec. 24, 2007. The following excerpts:<hr>&quot;Users of Kaspersky Lab's antivirus products noticed the issue, ...
    The security company's systems had decided that a virus called Huhk-C was present in the explorer.exe file, leading to its confinement or, in some cases, deletion. As Windows Explorer is the graphical user interface for Windows' file system, this made it difficult to perform many common tasks within the operating system, such as finding files.

    David Emm, a senior technology consultant at Kaspersky Lab, told ZDNet Australia sister site ZDNet UK on Friday that the company was still examining its checklist to find out why the false positive &quot;slipped through the net&quot;.

    &quot;This is classic false alarm territory,&quot; Emm said. &quot;We will check through our systems and see if we can tighten them up so we don't run into this problem in the future. No antivirus company, including ourselves, can say they have never had a false alarm, [but] on all fronts, we do what we can to minimise any potential risk for our customers.&quot;

    The &quot;offending signature&quot; went out at around 7 pm on Wednesday, according to Emm, who claimed that it was pulled two hours later in a &quot;makeshift&quot; attempt to limit the damage while Kaspersky examined the signature...&quot;<hr>Please see &quot;Malware Discussion Board&quot; for more info and possible solutions if you 'un-knowlingly' deleted your windows explorer. New anti-virus update definitions
    will have fixed the false detections.<hr>Personal Tip: with any type of security software, it is best 'not' to delete any detection, but better to quarantine first, then search/ check/ verify that it is a true detection rather than a false positive; it does occur with all security software every now and then.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 12-25-07 - Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream / Eric Clapton
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    Default Re: Attention: Huhk-C detections are false positives - DO NOT DELETE...

    Hmm, a rather fatal false alarm that one.

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