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Thread: ZA Spyware scanner locks up

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    Default ZA Spyware scanner locks up

    Hi Folks
    i am having some sort of problem with the spyware scanner, the scanner gets so far the appears to stop scanning even thought the time clock is still going. i left it going for several hours, it usually stops on " drivemount remote database" or some times its a simple log file e.g. rollback.ini. the Antivirus scanner works fine. i Followed some advice i read on another realated threat same result i have also done a clean
    operating system install with the same result. i am wondering if this drive mount database
    needs to be excempt from scanning and how do you do that.
    i am using Window XP pro with SP2Core 2 Quad core QX6700 extrime 2.6Ghz2gb ram3 500GB Sarta 2 drivesGF8 8800GTX 768Mbusing
    ZA's AV & anti-spyware only set at the intense scan level

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: ZA Spyware scanner locks up


    PLEASE contact Tech Support and see what they say about this issue and if you would PLEASE post back with their answer they give you, THANKS.

    PLEASE use ONLY I.E. 7 or 6 when sending this Tech Support Form, as NO other browser will work, THANKS.

    You need to contact Tech Support at


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