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Thread: Antispy and Antivirus never finish and end up freezing ZA. What do I do?

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    excessumcarcer Guest

    Default Antispy and Antivirus never finish and end up freezing ZA. What do I do?

    Heres what is happening in detail. I bought ZA for the past couple years, ever since Zonealarm Security Suite 2006. It ran fine for over a year. Now, I am having nothing but problems. Whenever I start ZA, it auto starts anti spy scan now. When I hit skip, it freezes ZA, then I have to restart the whole thing. Then, the cycle starts over.

    If I restart my computer, it starts off with Anti Virus. Before today, that is when this stuff started happening, I was having other problems with it. Anti Virus would never go past 7%, it would stop at 7% and no matter how long I left it, it would proceed no further. The longest was 28hrs I left it. I didn't realize it till the second day, I thought it was the scan for that day, but it was still scanning from about 28hrs before that time.

    So Anti Virus isn't working. Then, Anti spy won't work except on lowest setting, the quick scan. Well, until today that is. Now, it just auto starts and freezes ZA. It won't got past 2%, and like Anti Virus, no matter how long I leave it, it doesn't proceed. The longest for Anti Spy I think was 18hrs.

    I have noticed this problem occurring ever since Zone Alarm Security Suite 7 came out. Ever since then, with the scanning process things running, ZA refuses to run correctly.

    Two days ago I redid windows XP completely, then reloaded everything, just in case I had some virus or something that wouldn't be detected. But, now things are even worse from a clean install of everything.

    So what do I do? Is ZA getting that bad? Or am I doing something?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: Antispy and Antivirus never finish and end up freezing ZA. What do I do?

    This may fix your problem. First, write down any changed settings.

    Strange behavior in ZoneAlarm: reset database

    1) Boot computer into Safe Mode.

    2) Navigate to "C:\Windows\Internet Logs" folder.

    3) Delete backup.rdb and iamdb.rdb files.

    4) Empty Recycle Bin.

    5) Reboot into Normal Mode.

    6) Reapply all settings that had previously been changed.

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