Hello !

I am having a bit of trouble here

Yesturday my computer was hit with two problems and I don't know whether they are related or not.

Yesterday morning my computer was hit with a "True Vector" error message and said it needed to be closed down (has only happened once so far and did not write down the error message that accompanied it at the time, my bad !) Upon closing this message the computer locked up and had to be rebooted. The computer was turned on again and made it through the rest of the day and night without a repeat of this error message.

I did a search on the Zone Alarm forums and found out that this happned a lot for people using version 6.5 and that the main way to deal with it was to do a clean install. Most of the posts I read occured in 05 and 06 however. The first time this occured to me was yesterday.

I decided to wait on doing a clean install to see if this started happening more often. I did a deep inspection virus/spyware scan last night and the scan picked up something called "MIRC/IRC FLOOD" and quarantined it on it's own. My logging feature on Zone Alarm stopped working a few months ago so all I could pick up for the location of this virus/worm was C:/Windows/internetlogs/vsmon... Doesn't vsmon have to do with the anti-virus of Zone Alarm ? (just like that True Vector error message ?)

I found a bunch of threads on the True Vector errors but only one thread on the MIRC/IRC FLOOD virus/spyware. The OP of that thread, which was written almost exactly a year ago, said his zone alarm 6.1 could not quarantine or delete this thing. But my zone alarm 6.5 1 year later quarantined this on it's own and is "showing" the option to delete it. Can anybody offer me any suggestions on what to do ? I am nervous about deleting any file with "vsmon" in it because I think it is a Zone Alarm file. But could this MIRC/IRC FLOOD have something to do with the True Vector message ?

I have Internet Security Suite 7, version 6.5

Any help would be appreciated ! ))))))

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:6.5
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite