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Thread: ZA scans at random instead of scheduled

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    tekncl_kwestyn Guest

    Default ZA scans at random instead of scheduled

    What the heck?
    I set ZASS spyware and antivirus to scan on Wednesday at 12:30 AM weekly.
    So instead the darn thing scans on Monday (today) at 11:20? That's just nuts. This isn't the first time it's done this either.
    What's going on?

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    philonator Guest

    Default Re: ZA scans at random instead of scheduled

    My question is do you keep your computer on all the time?
    Is it off when the scheduled time is set, then on Monday is that the next time it is on to run?

    As a side question to other users that may be related.If a computer is left off for long periods of time, when it is started, is there a way to make Zone alarm not go into a missed scheduled scan?

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