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Thread: Anti-virus now working...

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    ecobebop Guest

    Default Anti-virus now working...

    Just rebooted (for about the 10th time tonight) and it's all back and working fine!

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    jaykaykay Guest

    Default Re: Anti-virus now working...

    I just did the same thing...a cold boot rather than just a restart, although had done both before enumerable times.
    It's working now and I am finally able to run a scan.

    However, ZASS is not loading up in my OutLook so I have to presume I am still not protected there with MailSafe.
    I should be seeing evidence of the program running in my OL and am still not.

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    sproggymarvel Guest

    Default Re: Anti-virus now working...

    hurrah!!! back in business!!! many thanks to all those who have posted, hope what ever it was will stay where ever it's gone!many thanksgoodnight!

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    sunztorm Guest

    Default Re: Anti-virus now working...

    AV is back up and running. I left the pc for a few hours and just came back to it and found the
    AV DAT had updated at 5:17PM Central time.Looking good. No reboot.
    Thank you to the Zonelab techs for fixing this quickly.

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