1. Does ZoneAlarm Antivirus Monitoring feature recognize my antivirus software?

Currently, the Antivirus Monitoring feature will recognize the following antivirus products:

SYMANTEC<ul>[*]Norton Internet Security 2005[*]Norton AntiVirus 2005[*]Norton Internet Security Pro 2004[*]Norton AntiVirus Pro 2004[*]Norton Internet Security 2003[*]Norton AntiVirus/AntiVirus Pro 2003[*]Norton AntiVirus 2002[/list]

MCAFEE<ul>[*]Internet Security 2005[*]VirusScan 2005[*]VirusScan ASAP[*]Internet Security 2004[*]VirusScan/VirusScan Pro 2004[*]Internet Security 2003[*]VirusScan/VirusScan Pro 7[*]VirusScan Pro 6[/list]

TREND MICRO<ul>[*]Pc-cillin Internet Security 2005[*]Pc-cillin Internet Security 2004[*]Pc-cillin 2003[*]Pc-cillin 2002[/list]

COMPUTER ASSOCIATES<ul>[*]eTrust EZ Antivirus 7[*]eTrust EZ Antivirus 6.0[*]eTrust EZ Antivirus 6.1[*]eTrust EZ Antivirus 6.2[/list]

The Antivirus Monitoring feature is designed to keep your computer safe by detecting installed antivirus software products and alerting you to lapses in protection. This feature can be considered a second line of defense in the event your antivirus auto update feature has been disabled, we will notify you that there is an update for your antivirus program available.<hr>Here is the official list, if your anti-virus is not listed - not to worry, as long as you know it's running you can shut-off ZA 'Anti-Virus Monitoring' on your Control panel. Anti-virus monitoring is more of convenience rather than an essential security concern. No worries.NaiveMelody NYC
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