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    mistermouse Guest

    Default Antivirus warning!

    What is the problem with ZA Antivirus not initiating after re-booting. I tried support site and there was a notice saying that there was a problem with the server (whatever that is) does this mean that my Antivirus is working or not?
    Any responses in non-computer lingo as I would not understand anything too techy. Thanks in advance.

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    raffy_steel Guest

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    Hi mistermouse.

    I don't know if this can help, but i will try. first let my apologize for my bad english.

    I have zone alarm security suite, i don't know if the options in the zonealarm anti virus are the same.

    ok let go business.

    Open ZoneAlarm, click the Overview ( top left ) , then click to Preferences Tab ( top right ), in the
    options that comes up you will see a option that says "load zonealarm antivirus at startup", make sure that you check mark
    that options, and thats it. Just close the zonealarm, and enjoy the security.

    Reboot you pc to make sure i am right, since i have zonealarm security suite, and you say you have zonealarm antivirus.
    i guess optios are the same. at least at that part should be. I know there is a user manual somewhere i downloaded it, but i don't
    remember the post where it was. i have been looking for it to put the link here and help you out, but there is so many post i got lost.

    hope that helps.

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