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Thread: Virus Scan Freezes Randomly

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    nimin Guest

    Default Virus Scan Freezes Randomly

    I'm running Internet Security Suite 7.0.462.000 on Windows 2000 with automatic virus and spyware scans every night.
    Randomly, during scans, the virus scan will freeze, the screen will show it running with zero files scanned for hours and hours.
    The machine must be restarted.
    Other times, everything works.
    I did not have this problem under past versions of ZA IS.
    I have done a full uninstall and reinstall, including removal of everything from the registry, but the problem persists.
    Any ideas?

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    bruce_a_frank Guest

    Default Re: Virus Scan Freezes Randomly

    I am having this same problem, but with some additional malfunctions. Here is a copy of that I have sent to ZA technical help via email twice now:=======ZA is not displaying the virus and spyware window when it updates. And, it continues to display the little update arrow on the icon in the tray for as long as an hour. While doing this my computer is virtually locked I continue to try to download my email the "traffic" indicator (green and red ladder icon) freezes. This blocks the email and delays the email down load from the usual 10 to 30 seconds to now taking as long as 15 minutes.

    Apparently the ZA is locking even when it is not checking for updates. Trying to open Internet Explorer will take 20 minutes with the ZA traffic icon freezing, showing no activity, of just displaying the "Z" icon in the tray with no traffic icon popping up for minutes on end.

    The third problem, certainly related, is that when virus check is running, sometimes it will show it running for hours, but no files are being displayed and no totals show either. For a long as 8 hours checking for viruses the tally remains at zero. Stopping the virus check and going on to the spyware produces the same results. Rebooting the computer will clear the problem for one or two cycles. While malfunctioning in this failure-to-scan mode, my computer is virtually locked up for anyother activity...particularly any attempts to go on-line.

    This is a new problem getting very severe over the last 3 weeks. As long as 6 months ago, occasionally there would be a hang up with the scans displaying no files or tally, but it did not effectively lock my computer...just slowed it down. Over the last 3 weeks the lock up of ZA has necessitated a power cycle to get things going again...and the fix would last for, again, only one or two scan cycles before it would fail to scan or tally again.

    Zone Alarm Suite is set up on my computer to run daily at 2:30 AM and updates every 24 hours. But, I have found the settings changed on occasion without my making those changes. Such things as telling the program to update every 5 minutes rather than my specification of every 24 hrs. This has happened several times now, so it doesn't appear to be an over site on my part.

    My system is Windows 2000 Pro with all service packs and set on automatic update, running on an older computer with a Pentium II, 786 megs of ram. As I said, this failure of ZA is new
    and there are times I have to cut
    ZA off to be able to connect to my home page(same page as it has always been) I have checked the settings in ZA and see no change in what is listed in the safe zone.

    One last symptom, when I attempt to open the ZA Security Suite program either from the ZA icon in the tray or from the icon on the desk top, most of the time now it takes three to four minutes to open. Sometimes it does not open at all and requires me to select it to open a second time...still then takes minutes to load. It malfunctions this way even when there are no other programs running, but Task Manager" shows 100% CPU usage (Virtually "0" usage until I click on ZA to open...then it jumps to 100% and stays there until the program loads. If the program fails to start, the CPU usage stays pegged at 100% for for as long as I let it continue that way)!

    I have submitted this problem complaint before and have gotten no response from you (technical help)!

    Bruce A. Frank

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    heartlandtech Guest

    Default Re: Virus Scan Freezes Randomly

    I just came here to search because of this same problem. Dell D600 Laptop with 2GB RAM, XP SP2, patched up-to-date except for this months M$ release of patches. I just realized the spyware scan had been running, according to its dialog reporting progress, over 21 hours. I assume it was suspending when I closed the cover to put the laptop in sleep mode last night, and resumed this morning. It was on files in the Visual Studio folders, and creeping along incrementing file count by one file every 3 or 4 minutes, or more. I finally just killed it a few minutes ago. Not good.

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    andrewbr Guest

    Default Re: Virus Scan Freezes Randomly

    I am having the same problem and have been intermittently for several weeks. Problem on 2 PCs - Dell 8300 and Dell D600. Running latest per ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:7.0.462.000
    TrueVector version:7.0.462.000 with scan running overnight.
    On average this is occurring somewhere between every 2nd to every 3rd scan. Cannot skip the AV scan, cannot shutdown ZA most times, generally have to reboot PC. Systems will hang or go slow after trying to skip the scan or shutdown ZA.
    Are other users having similar problems?
    Since the problem for me has only started recently after the last ZA software update I would have expected it to impact more users and to see more discussion on the forum.
    While I really don't want to change from ZA I also need a product that will work reliably and not "hang" rather than scanning. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    nimin Guest

    Default Re: Virus Scan Freezes Randomly

    The symptoms are exactly the same.
    I also run the scans overnight.
    My "virus scan freezes" also seems to occur every third scan or so.
    It also started with the latest version of Zone Alarm Internet Security.
    Can ZA Support or some very knowledgeable user help us?

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    Default Re: Virus Scan Freezes Randomly


    ZA staff does not monitor this forum you need to contact them directly at:
    For registered user it is free of charge.


    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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