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Thread: Temporary files not deleted

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    brianjswain Guest

    Default Temporary files not deleted

    I have noticed that each time I perform a user logon, Zone alarm creates a file in [windows root]\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\temp with a name like ~DFD53E.tmp and that this file is not deleted at logoff. Each file is 16kb, so after a while, a lot of unnecessary disk space is taken up. Why does Zone Alarm not delete this file at logoff?

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    pastor Guest

    Default Re: Temporary files not deleted

    I have absolutely the same problem. If I manually shutdown ZAP then it deletes temporary files, but if it is shutted down by windows "~DFxxxx.tmp" files are not deleted. WinXP SP3, ZAP 7.0.483.

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    brianjswain Guest

    Default Re: Temporary files not deleted

    I am pleased to know that I am not alone with this problem. In fact, I suspect that everyone has it, but since the location of the undeleted files is somewhat obscure, they do not notice it until they find that the free space on their hard disk is disappearing.

    What I would like to hear is that someone at Zone Alarm is doing something about it. My message has been posted on the forum for more that three months now, and I have yet to see some reaction from them.

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    stephent Guest

    Default Re: Temporary files not deleted

    One thing to remember is this is a user forum to which other users and more advanced users contribute.
    If you need actual technical assistance CheckPoint is available for a fee.
    wonder what size hard drive you have that even a daily add of such a small file would be taking up room?
    The next issue would be your own housekeeping issues re: you temporary files - do you have any kind of schedule by which you remove them from your system?
    If so it shouldn't be a problem, if not I'd recommend starting one.
    A good, free tool
    would be
    You can read about it and download it here:
    at PC World - a fine place to find help for the things that ail your PC enjoyment.

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    pastor Guest

    Default Re: Temporary files not deleted

    Actually, keeping temporary files means than something is functioning wrong. It shows that the program is not closed properly, because manual shutdown keeps the temp folder clean. So it's not just wasting-disk-space problem.

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    brianjswain Guest

    Default Re: Temporary files not deleted

    I have my disk partitioned, so that Windows 2k and other closely related applications, such as my anti-virus program an Zone Alarm are in a 5gb partition. This makes it easy to make an image copy for disaster recovery, but increases the visibility of unwanted temporary files.

    I already have CCleaner and use it to clean up what Zone Alarm (and other programs) leave around. But as it has been pointed out by the other commenter to your message, it should not be necessary. Other programs clean up after themselves, why not Zone Alarm?

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    dlangton Guest

    Default Re: Temporary files not deleted

    As well as the temporary files in the location you mention, ZA also leaves temporary files in the %WinDir%\Temp directory named ZLT00xxx.tmp. Right now, there are 155 of these files on my system.

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