Last month I responded to another member's message, and explained that
I was receiving multiple probes from shawcable ip addresses. When I contacted Shaw, I was informed
these were inactive addresses not affiliated with their customers and would most likely all begin
with 24.64. and would be directed to
on ports 1026, 1027 & 1028.
Shaw explained there was nothing they
could do about it despite the fact it was illegal???
So I took it at that, and simply stopped checking "log viewer". However.....I recently noticed, that I'm
now receiving MULTIPLE probes DAILY from Shaw ip's
which range from 24.64. to 24.108. the moment my
computer is turned on. These are also
directed to MULTIPLE ports(I've counted well over 30), and some of them have
source DNS email addresses. One example of many is shown below: this truly random? If so, how are these ip addresses able to
my computer the moment I log on? Yesterday I restarted my computer three times to change my ip address(out of curiosity), and each time the same thing occurred. Can other members check your log files and tell me if you are receiving
multiple probes from Shaw as well?
I receive hundreds daily, and sometimes an entire log
viewer page is filled with shawcable probes. I contacted Shaw well over a week ago for the
second time explaining all the above, and they have not responded.
Right now I have 5 different ranges blocked for shaw. Is there any way to block all these ranges at one time? Or is it necessary to block each range individually.
For instance two of the five are: to and to
Is there anything ZoneAlarm can do about this? Thanks

P.S. Also, I've noticed that when I add a
new blocked range or ip address to the zone,
even after hitting apply and ok...when I restart my computer one of the items on the blocked list is removed. I'm not sure why,
I usually have to re-enter whatever
item was
removed and restart my computer a 2nd time
to insure
everything that I want blocked
remains on the list. is this a zone alarm glitch? Other members
may want to double check
your "blocked zone" if you've recently added new items just to be sure. I've had zone alarm security suite
I believe since January of this year, and I use it for anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection.

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