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Thread: ZAPro found trojan in CCleaner >False Positive

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    cigarpig Guest

    Default ZAPro found trojan in CCleaner >False Positive

    Greetings - My ZoneAlarm pro just completed a scan and found a trojan in CCleaner.exe. I quarantined it. My ZAPro Alerts & Logs lists it as "Win32.Backdoor.Delf.cir". Has any one else had a problem?
    David (Eastern Upstate NY)

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    avon Guest

    Default Re: ZAPro found trojan in CCleaner

    Me too!Quick scan = nothingFull system scan = found trojan "Win32.Backdoor.Delf.cir" in CCleaner.exe
    CCleaner version= 2.05.555ZoneAlarm Anti-spyware v.7.0.462.000Anti-spyware engine v. file v.01.200803.3505

    It is a false positive?
    Note:In Kaspersky Virus Encyclopedia, there is not any trojan Win32.Backdoor.Delf.cir

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    grahbo Guest

    Default Re: ZAPro found trojan in CCleaner

    I have just encountered the exact same problem.
    Been using CCleaner for past year without issue.

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    Join Date
    Nov 2004

    Default Re: ZAPro found trojan in CCleaner

    Hi!probably a false positive from the ZA own scanner.Report it to ZA including as much details as possible, including a download link to the ccleaner you use.Here:,Fax

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    razose Guest

    Default Re: ZAPro found trojan in CCleaner

    I just found the same thing on my system and I have been using CCleaner for over 1 year!
    I would love to know if this Trojan was added in the most recent update.
    I got the software from which is sponsored by C-Net and supposed to be Virus/Spyware free!
    Anyone else seeing this?
    Sean (Midwest)

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    elton_noway Guest

    Default Re: ZAPro found trojan in CCleaner

    Well... My latest Zone Alarm scan status is also stating it
    found a Trojan "Win32.Backdoor.Delf.cir" in CCleaner.Ink

    Following your advice I "attempted" to report the posible false positive to ZoneLabs using the link you provided.
    The problem the reporting form
    has a
    "required" fields that is
    not up to date!
    One of the pull downs is where you select your Product Version.
    My product version is 7.0.462.00. This version number "is not" included in the pull down and there is no way to manually enter the number!

    I could select a different version just so I could submit the report, but that could send the technicians
    off in the wrong direction during their trouble shooting.
    While I also believe it may be a false positive I'd feel better getting a confirmation from the folks a Zone Alarm.

    P.S. My
    DAT Version is 947080834


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    contributor Guest

    Default Re: ZAPro found trojan in CCleaner

    I've had the same problem- that Zonealarm says I have the win32.backdoor.delf.cir virus.It's deleted the virus but now I've lost the functionality of **bleep** Cleaner, which was/is a very useful utility.
    Will Zonealarm please confirm this is a false positive, so I can confidently re-install **bleep** Cleaner.


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    starfury Guest

    Default Re: ZAPro found trojan in CCleaner

    I have CCleaner version 2.05.555 and ZASS version 7.0.462.000.
    My PC has 2 user accounts;: 1 for me & 1 for my wife.I always run the antivirus/antispyware scan on my user account and no malicious items are found.
    Yesterday, I ran it onmy wife's account and it found the same trojan that you are mentioning: Win32.Backdoor.Delf.cir inC:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe.
    I'm going to report this to ZA tech support and see what they come up with.
    I would really hate to think that my PC's security has been compromised by CCleaner.

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    glennowak Guest

    Default Re: ZAPro found trojan in CCleaner

    I too have the same Win32.Backdoor.Delf.cir trojan found. I have ZoneAlarm Security Suite up to date and it is still picking it up. What's worse is both the and email addresses aren't working. I try to send the suspect file as they tell us to and I get a delivery failure that the message is not relaying correctly. I was using CCleaner fine for a few weeks and ZA didn't pick it up then. Also CCleaner is listed by default as a super trusted program by ZoneAlarm's own firewall. I have to think this is a false positive because if you turn the firewall settings to ask for CCleaner, it doesn't ask to access the Internet.

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    findley Guest

    Default Re: CCleaner False positive reported to Zone Alarm

    To all,
    Ran into this on my ZAISS 7.0.462.000 this morning
    CCleaner trojan found: Win32.Backdoor.Delf.cirfile locations:CCleaner.lnkCCleaner.exe

    - have reported it as a false positive and will post back if any information is provided to me as a result.
    FYI the product version field on spyware reporting is not up to date, so
    in order to submit a spyware report the
    field must be populated - then what I did was note the correct version in the comments field.
    Also, I have run several other scans and they all found nothing.

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