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Thread: Question about submitting a possible virus file to

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    Default Question about submitting a possible virus file to

    I recently put into quarantine a possible trojan called Win32.Trojan.KillAV.ko.

    It is located in my C:\ProgramFiles\MTVNetworks\Urge\XceedCrydll folder.
    But while in quarantine my Windows Media Player, which uses URGE, keeps trying to download something and I am concerned that this Win32TrojanKillAV.ko may be a false positive.
    On doing research on the Zone Alarm forums I found recommendations for a site called
    I submitted a copy of this file to by e mail and am wondering if I did this right because I have never done this before.
    When I sent a copy of this file I navigated all the way down to the XceedCry.dll file and sent that.
    Is that ok or should I have sent the whole MTV Networks file ?
    And also, I sent a copy of the file while it was in quarantine; is that ok ?
    Or should I have sent it after releasing it from quarantine ?
    Totally new at this, any info would be appreciated
    Got reply from and it said they found nothing wrong with this file.
    Still wondering if I should submit the whole MTVNetworks folder ?

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Question about submitting a possible virus file to

    if you do send the whole folder make sure to zip the folder first so your not sen ding multiple files in multiple emails i would send it just in case you never know and the people at virus tool dont mind scanning files, i believe, so if your unsure about the files go ahead and send them
    thanks robdog
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