Okay, here goes. I have three PC's, thus a three license version of ZA ISS that was loaded onto each PC on the same day several months ago. The other day, I did a check for updates for the anti-virus and spyware for my desktop, whick loaded okay.
I also got a notification that the new firewall 7.0.470.000 update was available. So I downloaded that and except for the usual unwanted adds that ZA throws into the "Privacy" listing (Ebay, no-hold, msn video etc), it loaded okay.
Next, I went to my new laptop and did pretty much the same thing. However, I never got the notice that the new firewall version was available for it. So I went into "Overview", "Preferences" and clicked on "Check for update". It went on to tell me that the "System is up to date". Checking the version in Overview" "Product Information", it's still showing 7.0.462.00.
I then went to my old laptop with similar results, however, when I try to
update for the "spyware" it continually says "server busy, please try again later". The spyware version here is showing DAT File Version 01.200803.3435. The virus changes came through okay for this laptop and it too is showing firewall version 7.0.462.00.
I just tried it all again an hour ago with the same results.
Why am I getting different results for the same try of updates? They all are running Windows XP and are configured pretty much the same. This software if very trying at times...but I like what it's intended to do.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite