Hello All

I am running ZA Anti-Virus version 7.0.470.000. Instead of a long winded email, I'll try to keep this as short as possible.

I use AT&T Yahoo, which connects me with the Internet using Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE).
MS OS is XP Service Pack 2 on a desktop. The other day using the 'Program Control' - 'Main' GUI, I activated the
'Automatic Internet Lock' feature with a 10 min idle setting. I set 'allow pass-lock' programs access to the Internet.
If I let the counter lapse, that is if the Internet Lock activates, OR if I place the computer in Standby mode, and I come back to the computer later and reactivate the computer, I can't get to the internet period.

The standby mode I understand in that the AT&T server doesn't 'see' my computer for about an hour so it instructs the router (2Wire) that my connection is dead and 'pulls' the IP address. When I go 'live' again and come out of standby, the DHCP stack should assign an IP address. Well it isn't.

What I don't understand is if I leave the PC on all the time, but the IL locks, I can't get back to the net even if I turn IL off.Yesterday was the worst. Re-Booted 3 times, couldn't get to the internet. Finally I had to roll-back to an earlier restore point and after the re-boot I was able to get to the net no problems at all. Net was fine the whole time as my laptop using WiFi could connect at all times even though the desktop was slammed.

Can any of you share your troubleshooting experiences regarding the Internet Lock feature. Why won't it allow my desktop to access the net even if I
turn it off? Have any of you found a means of activating the IL, experienced the same problem, yet found a solution?



Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus