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Thread: Zone Anti-Spyware server does NOT deliver updates (4 days)

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    m_fortune Guest

    Default Zone Anti-Spyware server does NOT deliver updates (4 days)

    Hello. Since 14 April, Zone Alarm Anti-spyware server has not been available to deliver any updates. The Anti-Virus updates are delivered. The message is:

    "Anti-Spyware: Server is busy. Please try again later."

    I see at least one other user ( daschaller ) who reported the same problem.

    Who can report when this server will deliver service ?

    I have: Security Suite 7.0462.000 with driver 7.0462 and anti-spyware engine 5.0.189

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: Zone Anti-Spyware server does NOT deliver updates (4 days)

    Problems running update:
    1) Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\ZoneLabs\Updates

    2) Delete all files

    3) Re-run Update

    If that doesn't work, reset the database:
    1) Ctrl + Shft right-click (ZA System Tray icon)

    2) Click Reset in popup box

    3) Click Yes in Reset Settings dialog box

    4) Click OK when prompted to reboot

    5) Follow onscreen prompts

    I personally recommend you upgrade to version 7.0.470.000. Download the new 470 version, boot into Safe Mode and uninstall 462. Then, in Safe Mode, install 470. When the install requests a reboot, reboot into Normal Mode.

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