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Thread: Anti-spyware will not update. No error message???

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    jilocke Guest

    Default Anti-spyware will not update. No error message???

    Hi all! I have Zone Alarm Security Suite Version My anti-spyware shows that action is required, but when I run the update nothing happens. My anti-virus updates, but the spyware stays the same. The status show the last update being april 3rd. I have tried the rebooting and the deletion of everything in the update file in System 32/ Zonelabs but nothing has worked. Has anyone figured out what the problem is and how to fix it??? Thanks!

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    freddyr Guest

    Default Re: Anti-spyware will not update. No error message???

    Dont have an answer (Get that out first) However, I have exactly the same situation, same version Zonealarm, same Vista and I have also tried deleting System 32 Zonelabs Updates contents. Did not do anything. I also can get updates on Anti-Virus but not Anti-Spam. Would welcome any other ideas to resolve.

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    Default Re: Anti-spyware will not update. No error message???

    Hi!it will work back withan uninstallwith /clean switch and reinstall.Are you usign any other security tools apart form ZASS? Adware, spyware doctor, SpybotS&D, Spysweeper, other antispyware/antivirus software? ZASS 7 does NOT play nice with them. If you keep getting this error back try to installl ZASS in a OS without any other overlapping security tools.See here how to clean uninstall ZA: to remove the folders mentioned at the end of this document and keep note of your license)and reinstall: this fails you may need tomanually remove ZA files....Cheers,fax

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