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Thread: Iolo System Mechanic > upgrade to latest version

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    justusdogs Guest

    Default Iolo System Mechanic > upgrade to latest version

    Windows XP SP2, Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite 7.0.470, Spysweeper, Windows Defender 1.1.1593.0.

    I purchased Iolo System Mechanic 7 1 through the Zone Alarm site on 2/14/08.
    A day or so after installation, my computer started freezing up every couple of minutes.
    I had to use power button to turn off and restart.
    I soon realized System Mechanic must be causing the problem, so I removed the program, but could not get rid of all the files, even in safe mode.
    After removing System Mechanic, all Zone Alarm protection was turned off, programs were all question marks and settings were back to scratch.
    Also could not access Windows Update.
    Message said "Access denied - Network policy settings prevent you from using Windows Update, etc".
    I received instructions from Microsoft as to how to correct the problem.
    Everything worked fine until I reinstalled System Mechanic, and started freezing up again.
    I removed it again and this time all the files were gone, but
    everything in Zone Alarm was turned off again, so just to be safe, I uninstalled and reinstalled Zone Alarm.
    This time when I tried Windows Update I got "error number: 0x8DDD0002 - To install items from Windows Update, you must be logged in as Administrator, etc."
    I again folllowed instructions from Microsoft to correct the problem (5 different methods), but it wouldn't work this time.
    I also couldn't turn off my computer without using the power button.
    I tried to
    do a System Restore, but every restore point I tried failed.
    I tried doing System Recovery at boot, and that wouldn't work either, so I did a full System Recovery (after erasing with Boot & Nuke).
    Computer is running fine now.

    I have tried to get assistance from Iolo, but get no answer to my emails.
    They just keep sending emails
    about all the things System Mechanic can do.
    I noticed on there site that there is a new version 7.5.10, and have downloaded it, but am afraid to install it and have the same problems.
    I figured that since I purchased System Mechanic from Zone Alarm that it was safe and compatible with Zone Alarm.
    Can someone tell me what the problem may be, and if it is safe to install the new version?
    I hate to spend $30 on something that I can't use.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    rbjohnsn Guest

    Default Re: Iolo System Mechanic

    The problem is NOT System Mech. Try removing Spysweeper, Windows Defender 1.1.1593.0. These will interfer with the True Vector Service of ZASuite and shut all Internet activity down

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    raideron Guest

    Default Re: Iolo System Mechanic

    I can not answer if your initial install problems with System Mechanic 7 will happen again But I useSM7 v7.5.10 on both my Vista/different Security program and also my XP Pro SP2/ZASS with noproblems to speak of.. SM7 still has a slight problem recognizing "other" security programs otherthan their own at computer bootup and will say that you have no security programs installed/runningbut indeed there are. And
    all you have to do is click on SM7's ActiveCare/Internet security buttons andit will search and
    now report the Security Programs.. This has been the case for a few programupdates, they come up with a fix, but on another update it has the problem again...Support>>> We know and are working on a fix in a
    future update.
    For me it has installed and worked fine on both computers with no real problems and it does it's job.. Butit's getting a bit too bloated, and their making all to automated with little control to change it.. And at timeswhen
    analyzing your computer it can be a CPU hog... There are free programs
    that will do about the sameI also use CCleaner on both
    computers, it works well also, but SM7 does get a bit more of the junk..
    As I said SM7 has worked well and installed with no conflicts with Windows XP Pro SP2
    ZASS or WindowsVista Ultimate SP1 /
    NIS 2008. I have used SM for 5 yrs now and it's been good for me, but this maybe mylast subscription...
    Hope this helps

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    justusdogs Guest

    Default Re: Iolo System Mechanic

    I have been using Zone Alarm and Spysweeper for 2 years now, and Windows Defender for almost that long, and haven't had any conflicts with them at all.
    My problems only started after installing System Mechanic.
    I did notice that System Mechanic didn't recognize Zone Alarm immediately after start-up, but after a couple of minutes it did.
    I also use ClutterCleaner and it does work well.
    I just thought I would invest in System Mechanic because it does more, and since I purchased it through Zone Alarm, I figured it was a good product.
    I also thought that if I pay for a program it will work better and not contain spyware or viruses.
    My computer is pretty slow at times, and System Mechanic is supposed to keep it running better, but all it did is make my computer freeze up.

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    raideron Guest

    Default Re: Iolo System Mechanic

    Sorry to here of your problem..As I said above I have used System Mechanic for the last 5-6yrs, and I have not hadany
    lasting problem. And it has worked well for me..
    Above you said that SM worked at the start,
    Did SM7 report any spyware after install?and did it clean it?? I had a small problem when I first started useing SM or at leastwhen they added the spyware protection.. I had left the auto treatment checked to autoclean, and that time it removed some files from my Other security program (NIS) (I think)hence some help in getting a fix and ended up removeing NIS & SM
    and reinstalling,
    but Idid a few other things at the same time so I'm not sure what did what.. So I leave"most auto treat type programs unchecked or ask me first now" But on these latest releasesI have not seen this...I'm not saying this is your problem, just what happened to me.. If it is, you should be able touse the restore to previous.. But not sure on this... Part of my reason for having SM...I have read some in this fourm about problems with ZA/SM not sure why or the cause. Butit has and is working for me..

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    justusdogs Guest

    Default Re: Iolo System Mechanic

    The first time I ran the spyware check, it did find and fix some spyware, but can't remember what or where, or how it was fixed.
    The last 2 times I installed it, there was no spyware found.
    I also was not getting email reports, even though I had the box checked to send me emails.

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    raideron Guest

    Default Re: Iolo System Mechanic

    I'm not sure if your problem is the same as mine(about 3 yrs ago) but if it is then whatworked for me was a complete uninstall checked and cleaned all traces(Using all tools)of the programs and reinstall of my Security(NIS) and SM.. And not have "any" programmake changes with out looking them over...
    I'm no tech Guru, so I can't help much more.. But I for the most part start (as I know it)with a "as clean as possible updated
    system" don't let any program auto clean with out lookingat what it's cleaning...
    I may be just lucky, or the above has helped...
    All my Securityprograms has worked and so has SM7 with both XP Pro and now Vista...On the email reports... I have not recieved any either..
    If you want to still use SM7.. Contact SM7's support, They are a bit slow now, but they willanswer. At least they have for me.. You paid for it... "Get the Support to work for you" evenif you don't stick with the program... Somtimes you just have to be a pain... But get it towork or get your money back!!
    Good luck..

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