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Thread: Anti-Spyware Update yields TrueVector problem / ZoneAlarm XML error

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    waynegrunt Guest

    Default Re: More than one anti-spyware is good? ...or bad?

    Thanks, fax . . .

    I get the picture.

    Per your advice, I have already changed many settings in Spybot S&D, Ad-Aware 2007, and others. After turning off, or disabling, these competing guardians, I should be able to see if they still have something actively running by checking Proceses in Windows Task Manager.

    Again, thanks for the help and expertise, to you, and all who helped me out.

    -- waynegrunt

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    akajohndoe Guest

    Default Re: Anti-Spyware Update yields TrueVector problem / ZoneAlarm XML error

    It looks like this is happening again. My partner here has ZAISS on her XP/SP3 machine. She was faced with the bug in ZA for the Microsoft DNS fix, so she upgraded ZAISS to be ahead of the game before installing the Microsoft patch. Now she is getting this XML parse error. **bleep**? A bug in ZA causes her to have to upgrade ZA in order to encounter another bug (that apparently has happened to lots of folks at regular intervals in the past), and the "fix" for this ZA bug is to do an uninstall/clean install of ZA? I'm not pleased, having recommended ZA to her. Surely there is a known cause/effect/fix for this XML bug by now that does not entail having to do CheckPoint Labs work for them? C'mon! ZA used to be a great product. I happen to think that it still is a good product (I run ZAAV on Vista/SP1). But when the same error can be found in the forums, twice in 2006, again in 2007, again in 2008, and today, here at my house, it sure looks like there's some serious process problems in the development labs.

    Is there a way to fix this XML error without uninstall/clean install?

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