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Thread: I'm also unable to update av & anti-spyware definitions

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    Default I'm also unable to update av & anti-spyware definitions

    I have been using ZA for quite some time with no problems.Then I began to have spotty definition download problems using the automatic download.At first I thought this might have something to do with high traffic as the downloads seemed to work better during non peak hours.Sometimes I used manual update to get the downloads.However,after awhile the av became red & the spyware would soon be red because of "old" definitions.(couldn't get new ones)
    I then became a MTS tv customer.I was
    using their
    internet etc. before.The internet modem was removed as this now comes via the cable.The problem with downloading updates did not improve.I then deleted my "old" ZA and installed a new version.(Zone Alarm Security Suite version 6.1.744.001) This seemed to fix the problem-for about a day or so.Scan showed no virus.
    Currently,I cannot get any updates.Both are still green though.The av definitions are dated 14/04/2008The spyware defs. are dated 15/04/2008Usually what happens is that I get "anti-spyware update failed-problem:an unspecified error occurred"Then the av update runs seemingly forever.I also get "the av update task is not responding" after I close the first attempt & ZA tries to update again.
    I've tried the fix that was suggested to someone with a similar problem.I downloaded the file & unchecked run ZA at start up.I restarted my computer.However,when I try to open the zaas setup I just get "error-could not load the DLL library"
    "A device attached to the system is not functioning"

    Operating System:Windows ME
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: I'm also unable to update av & anti-spyware definitions

    Hello. :8}

    Try the instructions here:

    If they don't work, you can choose to perform a clean uninstallation, as directed here:

    Let me know how it all goes.<BR target="_blank"><BR target="_blank"><BR target="_blank">

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