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Thread: Zone alarm antispyware self-destruct

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    Default Zone alarm antispyware self-destruct

    Hi all, i'm new on this forum, but i have been using zonealarm for much time.
    Today it started a scan and it found a spyware in the shortcut for the zlclient.exe file.
    I thought it would delete just the shortcut, but it deleted the zlclient.exe file!!!
    And i can't find it anymore!

    Please, if someone can, i need that file because i don't want to reinstall it because my pc is already too slow.

    I had the version 7.0.337.000.

    I need that executable......please.
    If someone can send me to:

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Zone alarm antispyware self-destruct

    you are running a very old version.

    Try to update to the latest version, you find it here:

    When prompted by the updater, choose 'clean install'
    After reboot, manual update the antivirus/antispyware signature and scan fully your system.

    if you still have problems, do the following (only with latest ZA version):

    1. Disable system restore;
    3. Manual run ZASS (ZA firewall will be OFF but Antivirus/Antispyware will be functional)
    3. Run a full ZA AV/AS scan
    4. Reboot in Normal Mode
    5. Ensable System restore

    How to start in SAFE MODE:

    How to disable windows SYSTEM RESTORE:

    If the above fails you may want to try Ewido online scan at:

    and also download, update and scan with superantispyware FREE:

    if ALL the above fails please post your Hijackthis log here:
    Please read mandatory steps before posting:


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