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Thread: ZA freezing Outlook

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    unclerhemus Guest

    Default ZA freezing Outlook

    Just started a couple days ago.
    About 3 times out of 5 when I launch Outlook, ZA is locking it up.
    Have to do a Cntrl/Alt/Del and end program to clear it.
    Been running Outlook 2002 for years fully updated on
    XP Pro
    fully updated.
    Been running ZA Security Suite for years, and it's up to date.
    I uninstalled ZA and reinstalled it, and the problem is the same.
    What to do?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    loveyouforever Guest

    Default Re: ZA freezing Outlook

    Hi UncleRhemus,

    Please verify you're with the very latest release 7.0.473.000. If you aren't yet, then this the link you may download it from:

    ZoneAlarm Security Suite 7.0.473.000:

    Best regards,


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    unclerhemus Guest

    Default Re: ZA freezing Outlook

    I didn't have the latest version; I had 470 and not 473.
    When I checked for updates, it said I was current.
    Anyway, updated to the latest version, and let you know if it fixed the problem.

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    unclerhemus Guest

    Default Re: ZA freezing Outlook

    The problem didn't get fixed.
    I have to shut down ZAS to get my email while I operate naked of an antivirus.
    Hope you can help me.

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    unclerhemus Guest

    Default Re: ZA freezing Outlook

    TO; loveyouforever
    Additional info:
    I shut down ZA's 'SonicWALL Anti Spam Desktop' from OUTLOOK
    and I still have to shutdown ZA to get my email.
    Can you help?
    I don't like running without antivirus.

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