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Thread: Accessing old version to install on Windows 98SE (Virtual PC)

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    petergoode Guest

    Default Accessing old version to install on Windows 98SE (Virtual PC)

    Hello, I have found a new issue for which I could use some recommendations.
    Specifically, I am running Windows 98SE in Virtual PC, on an XP Pro tower...For those familiar with Virtual PC, I will need to install firewall and antivirus software on the virtual 98SE system...and I know that current ZA software does not live happily with this old non-Microsoft supported OS.
    Would anyone care to offer any recommendations?

    The choices as I see them are:
    Find an old version, i.e. ZA 6.1 or earlier, for installation...however, where would I find it, and how would I register it?2.
    Use a different company's anti-virus and firewall software.
    I have been very happy with ZA on my XP Home, XP Pro and Vista systems, so of course am hoping that there is a ZA solution still available for 98SE.
    As always, many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: Accessing old version to install on Windows 98SE (Virtual PC)

    Download your version of ZoneAlarm:

    Support (not the dropdown entries)

    Product-Specific Support (click on product)

    Release History

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