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    Default Help about keyloggers

    I have checked through all of my processes and searched each one, they all are safe normal processes, i also restarted and did it again, same result does this mean i am free?

    I was told this is a good way of finding out whether there are any active keyloggers/malware.


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    again, depends on the technology used. Rootkit based keyloggers/malware will just hide from the system and you will not see them with standard tool nor with dedicated tools (if designed to evade these tools).

    Probably, after having done all these check you are indeed 99% free of malware but no one can ensure that you are really 100% free.
    Modern malware is very sophisticated and the only bullet proof condition to be clean is to start from a virgin system.

    ".....Many hold this to be forbiddingly impractical. Even if the nature and composition of a rootkit is known, the time and effort of a system administrator with the necessary skills or experience would be better spent re-installing the operating system from scratch. Since drive imaging software makes the task of restoring a clean OS installation almost trivial, there is no good reason to try to dig a rootkit out directly. "I suppose traditional rootkits could be made to be as hard to remove as possible even when found, but I doubt there is much incentive for that, because the typical reaction of an experienced sysadmin on finding a rooted system is to save the data files, then reformat [and reinstall]. This is so even if the rootkit is very well known and can be removed 100%".....


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