I hope this info can help lead to a solution for this
two weeks ago, my system developed the lockup with the tracking log file in the System Volume Info folder.I read the sticky post concerning this issue, and considered the bypass as too risky.
I started poking around and accidentally accessed the SVI folder on my external USB Maxtor drive which I use to store my downloads.
To my surprise, it showed the two files inside the folder, Mounted etc. and tracking log.
I wasn't able to do this before.
Just prior to this incident, I installed two extra USB Seagate external drives for backup storage and attempted to convert the Maxtor from fat32 to NTFS.
The conversion could not be performed.
So I backed up all the files, deleted the partition and data, reset the partition and then formatted the drive with the NTFS file structure.
The SVI folder now refuses access, as before.
ZA anti-virus is able to complete its scan. The ZA anti-spyware is what locks up.
ZA locking up is bad enough, but Spybot S&D plus AdAware 2007
could not complete their scans and also locked up.
Shutting off the machine was what scared me,
I learned how to do a forced system shutdown.
I also noticed if
I minimized ZA, I could access
task manager; but task manager was unable to end any ZA process.
I allowed ZA 7.0.462 to keep updating its definition while I poked around some more.
Also reading the posts here for additional solutions.
From the posts, changing versions just seemed to add different problems.
Then I just disconnected all the external USB drives and ran the full scan again.
This time ZA completed both the anti virus and spyware scans successfully.
At least I have a temporary working solution.

Hopefully, one of the gurus can use this info to find a better solution.


Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite