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Thread: Online scanner to supplement ZAISS 7.0?

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    eliuri Guest

    Default Online scanner to supplement ZAISS 7.0?


    Would you recommend an online scanner to supplement ZAISS 7.0.

    I used to do run occasional online AV scans when I had ZASS 6.1.

    But with the 7.0 AV engine and virus defs, I gather certain online scans might be more suitable and compatible with this new ZA software.

    Thanks in advance:


    Windows XP Professional Edition
    Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite 7.0.470.000

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Online scanner to supplement ZAISS 7.0?

    Questionable files or attachments can be uploaded to either


    a reasonable good compliment to the ZAISS for online antivirus detection/removal is (remove added spaces of the url, please)

    http://www.b it def 8/ie.html

    a decent online scanner for malware is the ewido (rather nice since it just leaves files in the temp folders and this is easily cleaned hence no real trace left other than an activeX)

    a good on demand second opinion install scanner to compliment the ZAISS for malware is the asquared free (it's detection is roughly equal to that of the previous eTrust antivirus of the older ZAISS 6 versions).

    a very good free on demand install antispyware scanner to compliment the ZAISS is Superantispyware (just download the free version not the payware)


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    Best regards.

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    eliuri Guest

    Default Re: Online scanner to supplement ZAISS 7.0?

    Thanks Oldsod.

    Is it necessary/advisable to disable ZAISS AV when running the Bit Defender online scan?


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    Default Re: Online scanner to supplement ZAISS 7.0?

    Yes, please do so and please disable the ZAISS antivirus when doing any kind of second antivirus scanning.
    Also allow the install of activeX in the ZA OSFirewall and disable the Privacy for the install, duration and closing of the online scan. Disabling the Privacy will avoid some connection/functionality problems.
    The other scanners suggested will not be a problem.

    You are welcome.
    Best regards.
    Best regards.

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